Alix, a modern-day flower child with a rock and roll soul, is a global DJ-producer phenomenon who blew upovernight due to her "fans first” grassroots movement. In less than a year, she is the FIRST American electro house dj/producer to podcast in over 200 countries and over 1,000 cities.The 29-year-old self-taught prodigy's EDM debut began internationally with her performances to thousands from people globally; she immediately carried a fanbase of 6 continents. Alix's high energy and lovable passion towards music along with her vigorous work effort paid off.

Within only a year Alix is the FIRST AMERICAN FEMALE ELECTRO BIG ROOM HOUSE DJ-PRODUCER on the EDM INFAMOUS recording selling website BEATPORT. Alix debuted on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all major music outlets the end of October 2016 with her smash single KARMA SUTRA. She continued mixing and teaching herself to produce and gifted her fans a tech house track "KANYE LOVES TRUMP." Her passion for fans and hardwork separate her from any DJ's. In a year she was also given word she'd been placed on "DJJANE TOP 100." Alix is known for LIVE MIXING ONLY AND IS KNOWN TO GO FROM TECHNO TO ELECTRO TO TRAP TO DEEP HOUSE. She spins all genre of EDM. Alix's movement delivers music with a message: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. She integrates her love for music and people by encouraging global coexistence, and fans go out of their way to make fan signs representing their country in support of PLUR. Alix’s unique sounds and diverse genre selections in conjunction with her performances as a DJ, passion for global equality and fans first movement INSPIRES mass worldwile. Her BEAUTY and TALENT radiates to masses as she is the FIRST female American DJ to have support of the North African & Eastern world. Additionally, Alix is the FIRST American female DJ to have listeners and fans from all countries in the Middle East. The local support of fans from the Middle East have sensationalized her ability to unite with music allowing her to arguably run the largest "underground grassroots" EDM movements in the eastern world. She is the perfect representative for the USA, and her diplomatic vivacious charisma coined her the nickname by fans and industry moguls as «Miss Universe of DJ's».

Dance music fans gravitate towards her charismatic energy and vibrant DJing technique. She brings big room energy and the ability to transition between genres — she switches from deep house to dubstep to tech house to trap. Alix is a performer, people are drawn to her stage presence and passion for a unique sound. She mashes acapella vocals with song instrumentals, and she uses Traktor remix decks with sound samples. Alix is a chameleon; she gives people a chance to watch a DJ truly mix live. She mixes and adapts to the crowd for which she plays: she blends all EDM genres. Due to Alix's overnight international support, her ONE YEAR SUCCESS, AND hard work and love for her music and fans will make her the #1 DJ JANE very quickly.

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