Exactly what was it that was so distasteful about our president’s State of the Union address this evening that so many predicted? What outlandish lies did he tell?

Were you insulted when he recognized and celebrated women in the workforce? Or when he congratulated women for the fact that there are more women in congress than ever before?

Perhaps you were incensed by the fact that he has passed legislation which ensures paid family leave for all employed parents of newborns.

Oh! I know! You are just mortified that he has Increased revenue for research for children’s cancer, and that he honored 10-year-oldgGrace for her fight against cancer and for raising money for cancer research in her own community.


How offensive it is that he invited and honored some of the American soldiers of World War II who fought for our country!

The gall!

I’m sure you could see how distasteful it was that he would recognize and show empathy towards families whose loved ones were murdered by illegal immigrants!

Perhaps what really made your blood boil was his passion to protect our borders and to increase security to keep Americans safe from the crimes, drug and human trafficking that some illegal border crossings can inflict?

I can imagine how insulting it was to hear that our president has increased funding and raised money through NATO to support and rebuild our military to protect the country we live in. Deplorable!

And can you believe that he is actually holding Russia accountable for breaking the missiles treaty?

The nerve for him to suggest that protecting American liberties is preferable to becoming a socialist nation!

Or perhaps you don’t agree that he recognized Jerusalem as the rightful city capital of Israel?

His statement that great nations don’t fight endless wars and his commitment to ending the war in the Middle East were just so obnoxious! And don’t even get me started on his success in eradicating the remaining 20,000 mi. that were in possession of the terrorist regime of ISIS!

And did you see how he honored the fallen members of the USS Cole? Very unsavory.

Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal sure was presumptuous, right?

Was your contention with putting sanctions on Iran because of their hatred for and commitment to destroying America and Israel?

Was it recognizing an 81-year-old man who survived the Holocaust as well as the massacre at the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh this past fall that makes you hate to listen to him? Or the man who took seven bullets trying to save the victims of that massacre?

Or was it that he recognized a retired military man (Herman) who helped liberate Dachau during World War II? How rude!

Was it his enduring patriotism that you find so repugnant? His fervent optimism?

His desire for unity among political parties?

His pride in the Americans who were part of Apollo 11 or Part of D-day 75 years ago? Or was it his deep love for America and its people? His deep respect for human life – born and unborn? His wishes that all of America be blessed by God?

I’m not sure what the naysayers actually thought our commander-in-chief was going to say tonight, but I, for one, am very proud of him and of being an American this evening.