Posted on by Sidney Montgomery

A new kind of veteran owned and operated T-Shirt design and distribution platform, Patriot, Or Die, has opened their doors just in time for the holiday season. Passionate about the American flag, country, and values that make our nation the greatest, freest, and bravest country in the entire world, Patriot, Or Die is on a mission to capture the essence of those values in unique T-Shirts for supporters and advocates around the world. Designed to support military, law enforcement, veterans, EMTs, and firefighters who put their lives on the line every single day to ensure we are afforded our personal freedom and safety, Patriot, Or Die is a new kind of conscious apparel line with patriotism to the core. During a time where not everyone in America is feeling the love and pride they should regarding the greatest country in the world, Patriot, Or Die would rather die than live a life that isn’t pro-country, pro-God, and pro-military.

Pride with Humor

On Patriot, Or Die, shoppers can expect to find shirts that support activity duty service members, reservists, the 2nd Amendment, patriots, God, and country through designs, sayings, and quotes. Dividing the shopping options into a men and women’s category, the T-Shirt apparel site is bringing in a comedic spin regarding some of the heavier and heartfelt occurrences happening in our world right now. Example slogans include: #F-CKISIS #savethegoats, I’d Double Tap That, and their classic, Patriot, Or Die.

Living Today

It can be hard to process the news we see on our phones and TVs every day, with more ISIS threats, influences, and extremist behaviors working towards the takedown of Americans and the American system. Since these types of topics can be mind-numbing for the likes of Americans who have served the country from the military, Patriot, Or Die is determined to make light out of the most important values instilled in the patriotic Americans still left today. Patriot, Or Die has turned their love for wearing shirts into designing their very own that embodies the beauty of American pride in every small-town American setting. Using collaborative thought and passions from veterans themselves, Patriot, Or Die works hard to provide shoppers in the best possible T-Shirts that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. With new design ideas and stylist elements coming from each and every platform owner, shoppers can expect new T-Shirt designs and an expanding inventory as the months wear on. Spread the word regarding the official opening of Patriot, Or Die, and consider their humorous and patriotic products just in time for the holidays.