How Patriot, Or Die Apparel Came to Be

Jordan, Chris, and Monte met at basic training for the United States Navy in August 2003 during Great Lakes recruit training command. Though that may have been our first encounter, we quickly learned that we were all from one state: Pennsylvania. Even crazier, we grew up within 1 1/2-hours from each other. We were together our whole lives and didn’t even know it.

We thank God and our country for bringing us together, and can’t wait to spend many more years working our magic in tandem.

Today, we are still together. Even though we have our own civilian lives, we get together, drink, and reminisce about a time that seems longer and longer ago. Monte serves as the helm of our Patriot, Or Die operation heading up the website/social media, while Jordan works as the product manager. And then there’s Chris, who works as head of supply and shipping.

"We’re a well-oiled machine that doesn’t quite work correctly without all three parts present. We like it that way, and are blessed to own and operate a business platform together today."


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