We started off as a very small business

our idea was about putting a strong conservative message out there

Patriot, or Die Apparel is a new kind of conscious apparel line with patriotism to the core. During a time where not everyone in America is feeling the love and pride they should regarding the greatest country in the world, Patriot, or Die would rather die than live a life that isn’t pro-country, pro-God, and pro-military.

Even though we have our own lives, we get together, drink, and reminisce about a time that seems longer and longer ago. Monte serves as the helm of our Patriot, or Die operation heading up the website/social media, while Jordan works as the product manager. And then there’s Chris, who works as head of supply and shipping. We’re a well-oiled machine that doesn’t quite work correctly without all three parts present. We like it that way, and are blessed to own and operate a business platform together today.

CEO of Patriot, or Die Apparel with Tomi Lahren


Head of Web and Creative Design

Monte is a 1st generation Mexican-American and also an 8 year Navy veteran who served onboard the USS Eisenhower as an Aviation Boatswain's Mate (ABH). Monte currently resides in his hometown on Philly.


Head of Logistics

Chris has been serving in the US Navy for 4 years of active duty and the rest of his time in the Navy Reserves. He is currently a BM1 back in his hometown in Pennsylvania.


Head of Business Operations

Jordan has been in the Navy since 2003 and has always served active duty. He currently lives in Illinois and is serving as a Recruit Division Commander at Naval Station Great Lakes.

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