We started off as a very small business

our idea was about putting a strong conservative message out there

Patriot, or Die Apparel is a new kind of conscious apparel line with patriotism to the core. During a time where not everyone in America is feeling the love and pride they should regarding the greatest country in the world, Patriot, or Die would rather die than live a life that isn’t pro-country, pro-God, and pro-military.

Even though we have our own lives, we get together, drink, and reminisce about a time that seems longer and longer ago. Monte serves as the helm of our Patriot, or Die operation heading up the website/social media, while Jordan works as the product manager. And then there’s Chris, who works as head of supply and shipping. We’re a well-oiled machine that doesn’t quite work correctly without all three parts present. We like it that way, and are blessed to own and operate a business platform together today.

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